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On Aug. 15, 2016, Mike Biadasz went out to agitate a large outdoor (open) manure pit on his family's farm. When the crust layer on top of the pit opened, hydrogen sulfide gas was expelled. The National Weather Service found the wind was calm and the sky was clear early that morning, but with a heavy layer of fog near the ground. The lack of air movement and sudden release of hydrogen sulfide gas (which is heavier than air) tragically took Mike’s life, along with 16 steers.

Mike had a heart of gold, with a one of a kind passion and love for farming. Mike was devoted and proud to work the long hard hours so he could help feed the world. Farming is one of the hardest, most under paid and dangerous professions. In Mike’s memory, his family has set up a Farm Safety and Education Memorial.

Farming is one of the hardest, most under paid and dangerous professions. In Mike’s memory, his family has set up a Farm Safety and Education Memorial.


 “Live today like you are going

   to die tomorrow, but farm today

   like you are going to farm forever.”

                                    - Mike Biadasz



“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.”

                                                                                - George Washington


Telling the Story - Marshfield Clinic Health System &  National Farm Medicine Center 

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Mike's Story

Gas monitoring and what to consider in your safety plan & Safety considerations around manure storage and field application  - John Shutske UW - Madison

 A perspective from Iowa: Manure Safety - Stephanie Leonard - University of Iowa 

Manure gases- How they are produced, released and dissipated - Rebecca Larson - UW-Madison 

Farm Forever Rebate Program


In the wake of tragedy Mike’s family turned their grief into action.

This program will provide rebates for farmers and manure

haulers who rent gas monitors, protecting them, their workers,

and their family from the hazards of manure gas.

But, four-gas hand monitors are typically expensive to purchase

and require calibration every 3-4 months to ensure it is working

properly. Calibration can also be expensive. This program allows

you to rent the right equipment at a reduced cost.

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